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    Scientists find proof that dogs are loyal to robots that feed them

    NewsUK Dog NewsThursday 19 September 2013
    It is common knowledge that a dog is a man’s best friend, mainly because it is man that feeds the dog however scientists have been conducting new research and found that dogs will drop a human for a robot if the actual food is devilvered by the robot.
    The aim of the study was to find out whether dogs would engage in social interactions with an unfamiliar robot. It was released in the field of Animal Cognition and this found that dogs interacted with robots in a similar way to how they would react with humans. Interaction was further increased if the robots were “social”.
    The researchers conducted the experiments by using robotos with robotic hands dressed with gloves and these hands would “point” out where some hidden food so the dog would find it. The robot, together with scientists would then measure the dogs reactions.
    One interesting finding is that dogs were better able to find food when the robot had a human face on the monitor and when it acted socially with the dog.
    At the start of the experiment, the dogs owner would enter the room and shake the robots hand and engage in conversation. Then robot would then say the dogs name with a computerised human voice and point as to where the food was.
    The dogs, once they had found the food would act with the robots in similar ways theat they would react with humans such as sniffing the gloves and gazing in the robots monitor face. 
    Photo: Wikimedia
    Source: Dailymail
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