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    Shelter Dog Stories - A Dog Is Not Just For Christmas

    NewsMonday 15 December 2014

    The saying 'A Dog Is Not Just For Christmas' is well-known but still every January shelters become overwhelmed with dogs and puppies - most of whom are unwanted Christmas presents. Adopting a shelter dog in the new year means you save a dog in need and get a new best friend for life at the same time. Check out some of our users' shelter dog stories and see the benefit and meaning adopting a rescue dog can bring into your life. 

    Do you have a rescue dog whose story you'd like to share? Tweet or Facebook to tell us your #ShelterDogStories!


    The following stories were kindly shared with us as part of our #12DaysOfChristmas competition and shows how life-changing adoption can be not only for the rescue dog, but the owners themselves. We hope these #ShelterDogStories encourage more people to adopt when looking for a dog - as shelter dogs are forever greatful for the kindness you show them!


    "Before & After"

    "This is a before and after photo of my boy - he was in terrible condition when his previous owner gave him back to the breeder at 19 months old. He was all skin and bone, had an infected skin condition caused by food allergies, his tail was broken and he could barely walk. He is now 6 and a half and a picture of health." - Carol Wilson


    "My Family Rescued Her, But She Rescued Me"

    "Sadly I don't have a photo of my first dog but her name was Jollie and she came from the RSPCA. She was my first collie and so beatiful. My mum got her because my dad died and I got depressed - I was 10.

    Jollie was like me. She had a hard time and was scared of lots of things. I had to take her to classes to help her be brave again. It made me leave the house! She had been beaten up before we got her, her eyes were so scared but she started to relax and smile and I did too. 

    My family rescued her, but she rescued me. She passed away a few years ago and I have another rescue now called Pop. She is always there for me but I know Jollie always looking after us.
    Thank you for giving my life back to me Jollie." - Teresa Peregreen



    "This is our rescue dog, Pip. She got chucked out from a puppy farm, because her puppies died after she had to endure a log labour without help from a vet. We had her when she was 3 years old until she passed at 15. All he life she was scared of people speaking with a certain accent and cigarette smoke, likely associated with unhappy memories." - Helga Willis


    Katy & Bobby

    "Katy was tied up outside a police station in Thurso when she was 5 weeks old. She had mange, and was a bag of bones and the council worker took her to the rescue kennels where they thought she wouldn't survive the night because she was so thin and poorly. She also had a gut infection! But she's a tough cookie and pulled through. I adopted her at 12 weeks. She still has a few socialisation issues from being abandonned at such a young age, but she's a loving, caring, fun, beautiful dog now!

    Bobby was found abandonned outside the rescue centre gates. He had a horrible gut infection that lasted many months even with treatment and still affects him now. The rescue knew I had just lost my previous dog and thought he would be perfect for me. Cut a long story short he was home with me 2 days later! He's a lovely cuddly boy!" - Sarah Kay Bell


    "Contented in Our Family Home"

    "When my 1st cocker spaniel was in her final stages, I was offered a 9mth old one. It was a case of rehome her or she was going to shelter. I took her in but it was quick to find out she was very nervous - it turned out she was beaten by her previous owner.

    While she is contented in our family home, she is very wary of strangers especially men. She is now 7 and the most loving dog - she follows me around all the time!" - Cathy James


    "Given Up By Her Previous Owners After a Week Because She Pooed, Wee'd and Cried"

    "This is Winnie my so gorgeous Whippet puppy. I got her in April from Hounds First Sighthound Rescue. She was supposedly only 9 weeks old when she was handed into the rescue, but we think she was nearer to 6 or 7 weeks. Unbelievably she was given up by her previous owners after a week because she pooed, wee'd and cried! Shocking behaviour for a tiny pup!

    We have always had rescue dogs, and wanted Winnie to mark our silver wedding anniversary in July as dogs have played a major part in our married life. We love her so much, and can't believe anybody would want to give her up. She is now 9 months old and will be celebrating her first Christmas with us." - Lynn Gibbins



    "Jack's first two years of life were terrible ones - among other things he was bullied by other dogs and had his ribs broken by nasty humans. He was thankfully rescued and then went to live with an old couple - who not long after realised they didn't have the energy for him and so replace him for a lap dog.

    He was then fostered by a relative, and a month after losing my best dog friend forever of 18 years we saw Jack and decided we were ready for our next pet. He's now happy in his forever home and excited about getting super spoiled this Christmas!" - Lelia Valois


    Sal, Chunky and Molly

    "This was Sal - our first rescue dog - best in the world! She had been found in the fields, very thin, then we brought her home and spoilt her rotten - she was with us for over 7 yrs.

    When we lost Sal, we went to get another collie sized dog. The rescue kennels showed us Chunky and Molly and nobody wanted them because they came as a pair and were small and large! They are now with us for over a year and we love them very much!" - Victoria Easton


    "It Was Meant To Be..."

    "I was 10 when a dog 'found us' - we called him Patch. Myself, my Mum and my sister were walking home from school and a scrawny collie cross started following us home. He was drawn to us straight away, his tail wagging - he followed us for the whole mile across busy roads, myself and sister giving him crafty encouraging smiles and pats. My mum relented and let him into the house.

    We fed him some Wetabix and water whilst my Mum fretted about what to do. My Dad got back from work and insisted we could not keep him. We were gutted, but he put his foot down. My Dad took him to the nearest Police Station 3 miles away and they said they would have him over night, then take him to a shelter if he was not claimed.

    The morning came, and the dog warden collected him from that station. But as he was getting him into the van, Patch ran off!!! Would you believe that he ran back to our house ( that he only been to once!!!) and waited until we had finised school!!! We could not believe that he was there when we got home, he was so excited - wagging his tail, you could tell he was smiling!!! He was so lovely.

    My Mum rang the Police, found out the incredible story and she decided it was meant to be! He was going to be ours! We claimed him. When my Dad got home, he didn't believe us, he thought we'd gone and got him!!

    We had him for 11 happy years, he was the best family dog ever. We loved him so very much, and he loved us. I sometimes think he was heaven sent ..... he was certainly part of the family. Love you Patch R.I.P." - Lorna Ledger


    "We Can't Believe She Was There For So Long..."

    "We have three rescue dogs; Snoopy, Louie and Lottie - who was in a shelter for 6 years! She's still very nervous of loud noises and strangers after being in there for so long but she's coming out of her shell more and more each day. She's such a lovely girl we can't believe she was there for so long." - Kirsty Wriglesworth


    "He Was The Softest, Most Amazing Dog Ever"

    "This is Taz my last rescue dog - we got from SSPCA in March 2000. I'll never forget the day we got him. I had been surprised the week before - saying we were getting him on the Saturday. As I walked out of school, I saw in the distance a man stood with a golden labrador. I thought to myself "I'm getting my lab tomorrow" and as I got closer realised that looks a lot like my Dad then realised that was my dog! They'd allowed my Dad to take him home a day early!

    Taz had been found running with this huge scar on his back and we never found what happened to him. Initially he was so strong I could hardly walk him and he was very reactive when smaller dogs barked at him - but after a lot of training he was the most amazing dog ever. He was such a loving dog - him and my nephew Kane had the most incredible bond. When Kane went to nursery and had to write his best friends name he wrote Taz. When he moved up to school at a parents evening his teacher was saying to his mum what a lovely dog she had. Kane had told them Taz was theirs but since he didnt have space his Auntie Terri looked after him!

    So many great pics of Kane and Taz walking down the street or Taz being Kane's pillow. We lost Taz 4 years ago after going off food and water, which for a lab is a big deal! We found his stomach was riddled with tumours. 

    He was the softest most amazing dog ever and how he ended up in a rescue I'll never know but im so glad he did or I'd never have been lucky enough to spend nearly 10 amazing years with him." - Terri Gardner


    "A Very Happy Little Chap, Despite His Awful Previous Life..."

    "This is Carlos. He is a little rescue dog from Romania. He was being stoned to death when someone bravely waded in and saved him. He is a very happy little chap despite his awful previous life." - Cheryl Edwards


    Do you have a rescue dog whose story you'd like to share? Tweet or Facebook to tell us your #ShelterDogStories!


    Give a dog in need the ultimate gift of adoption in the New Year- check out our shelter directory for rescues near you! 



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