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    Shelter Dog Sunday - Bonnie

    NewsShelter Dog SundayTuesday 29 August 2017

    Every Sunday we run a special feature on a rescue dog looking for a loving home. This week, the spotlight is on Bonnie, an affable lady who will be very happy to spend her golden years with a forever family. 

    Battersea and Cats Home is the well-known backdrop of ITV's Paul O'Grady - For The Love Of  but what you see on the show is only a fraction of the work that the shelter do. Battersea takes on over 9000 cats and dogs a year, including Bonnie, an affectionate girl looking for a loving retirement home.

    Name: Bonnie

    Breed: Mongrel

    Sex: Female

    Age: 9 years 4 months

    Site: London

    Reference: 357925

    Meet Bonnie, a meek girl with a fondness for cuddles. Approaching her twilight years, our lady is looking for a quiet place to retire.

    She is very affectionate with the people she knows but can be shy around strangers and will need time to settle in her new home.

    Bonnie does get a tad too attached to those she loves and needs a home with more than one carer.

    She prefers the company of adults, being a bit of an oldie herself, and hopes to snap up a house with a garden.

    It’s important that her new owners help her feel safe in her new surroundings.

    Due to her nervous nature, our girl prefers not to live with cats or other dogs. But Bonnie still enjoys socialising; she just needs some encouragement when meeting other doggies.

    If you can help this darling build up her confidence, she will repay you with cuddles and a life-long supplies of laughter.

    To meet Bonnie, please contact Battersea Dogs & Cats Home’s London centre on 0843 509 4444.

    If you want to adopt a rescue dog like Bonnie, please check out our shelter directory for rescues near you!



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