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    South Korean company offering to clone your pooch at a discount

    NewsGeneral Dog NewsTuesday 04 June 2013
    A company in South Korea, called Sooam Brf, clones pet dogs offering owners the chance to “bring back the memories”. And, as if that wasn’t news enough, they are offering a dog owner in the UK the chance to clone their dog at a discounted price. 
    Sooam Brf is running the competition which offers one owner the chance to save a whopping £40,000 off the price of cloning their dog. This £40,000 figure is 70% off the standard price tag. 
    All you have to do to enter the competition is send a 500 word essay to the company to explain why their dog should be cloned. Entries can also include videos and pictures of the pooch.
    The company wrote on their website: "Although dog cloning is spreading to many parts of the world, the majority of cloners are still from the US. The biggest hurdle for most future cloners is the price tag. This hefty cost is necessary because many researchers put in months of effort to clone one dog."
    Dog lovers shouldn’t get their hopes up too much, however, as clonning a canine might not be everything you would imagine. 
    John Woestendiek, a dog cloning investigator and author, told Live Science: "I think that personality is really what most people are looking to clone. And I don't think personality is cloneable."
    This project is being headed by Hwang Woo-Suk, a former stem-cell researcher, who cloned his first dog in 2005. This cloning of Snuppy was independently confirmed. 
    He is also working as part of a cloning project with Russian scientists which aims to recreate a wooly mammoth, a creature that hasn’t walked on the earth for around 4,500 years. 
    So, if you were offered the opportunity to clone your dog would you take it? And, how much would you be willing to pay for this service?
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