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    Stabyhoun’s UK population doubles after mother gives birth to 10 puppies

    NewsUK Dog NewsTuesday 10 September 2013
    A Stabyhoun, one of the world’s rarest dogs, has given birth to a littler of 10 puppies which has doubled the British population of the breed. It is also the first litter to be born in Britain.
    The owner is named Janice Vittachi and she moved to the UK with Rikje her dog from Canada two years ago. She now lives in Teddington in Middlesex.
    It was after Ms Vittachi took Rikje to Holland to meet a male partner that she became impregnated.
    The birth was vert easy and everything went to plan with Ms Vittachi helping deliver three wonderful female pups and seven males.
    She commented on the birth that ‘It all went very well although it seemed to take forever. She is doing quite well now. 
    The new puppies names are Janneke, Kike, Laanke, Mork, Ninke, Ouke, Pylgrim, Rembrandt, Sander, and Tynke based on the areas in North Holland where they come from.
    It is not the first time that Rikje has had puppies. She already had a litter when she was in North America. Stict breeding rules mean that another litter will not be born in England until at least 2015. The Dutch association try to keep breeding to a minimum and carefully consider breedings before allowing them to happen to try to stop imbreeding among the breed.
    After Dogsandpuppies got in touch with the UK Stabyhoun organisation Christina Savage, President of the UK Stabyhoun Association, said: “The arrival of the first ever British Stabyhoun litter is truly wonderful. It marks a real milestone in our quest to establish a healthy and diverse population of this amazing breed in the UK – something that requires time, patience and a lot of planning.
    "Behind the scenes, this litter has been almost a year in the planning as breed experts in the Netherlands sought out the most appropriate male based on extensive genetic background checks and health records. The mating only went ahead when we were sure that there were loving families waiting upon their arrival in the UK, from a waiting list of families that had taken their time to research the breed and were willing to wait for the right puppy. Those are the core principles of responsible breeding that we ask our members to subscribe to for the benefit of every single puppy and the Stabyhoun breed as a whole.
    “The UK Stabyhoun Association manages all sales and imports of Stabyhoun puppies in the UK and we operate a strict application process for these special dogs. As such, people will not find details of these puppies advertised for sale anywhere in England.”
    Photo: Wikimedia
    Source: Daily Mail
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