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    Stay away from flooded areas in Kent

    NewsDog Health and WellbeingThursday 06 March 2014

    Dog owners are being warned of a potentially fatal infection dogs could pick up from flooded areas of Kent.

    A Maidstone veterinary hospital has noticed that, over the past two months, an increasing number of concerned owners have visited the facilities related to cases of leptospirosis.

    The heavy rain left many parts of the county under wate, wich can have been the cause of spread for this bacteria, as it can be found in stagnant water.

    Leptospirosis is an infection that can cause fatal diseases in dogs and can also be transmitted to people.

    Nigel Davies, from Newnham Court Veterinary Hospital, said: "The big problem is that it's a bacterium which normally dies in winter when it's cold. But when you have lots of stagnant water lying about, the bacteria can last and it can live quite a long time."

    Mr Davies states that staff in Bearsted Road are receiving at least three queries a day from worried pet owners about how to protect their dogs from contaminated water.

    "They're concerned," he said. "Obviously their dogs can pick up diseases from the flood water and they basically want to know what they can do to prevent any infections.

    "With the excessive flooding, there's the potential for animals and people to be infected with diseases that aren't usually a major problem."

    Mr Davies is now urging all dog owners to avoid walking their dogs in areas that have been badly flooded.



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    Ruth Cuerden

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