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    Stop What You're Doing Right Now - 'Shake' Puppies Are Here!

    NewsWednesday 19 November 2014



    Photographer Carli Davidson has released 'Shake Puppies' - a book of gorgeous young canines drying off in slow motion. And the results are predictably adorable....




    Those of you who have ever recieved a post-bath 'dog-shower' from your pooch will be familiar with the sudden frantic shaking and flapping they resort to in order to dry themselves. But Carli, from Portland in the USA, used a high-speed camera to capture 100 puppies shaking off after a bath.


    The puppies range from between four weeks to 1 year in age and Carli visited both pet owners and rescue shelters in her search for furry subjects. When they weren't being photographed, the puppies were gettting into all sorts of mischief; from attacking shoelaces to releiving themselves on camera bags. 


    Exhausting themselves after all that trouble-making they would fall asleep under the warm lights on-set - it's a hard job being a puppy.


    During the project, Carli herself fell head over heels for an eight year old schnauzer called Saul - who was in a rescue after his previous owner developed dementia. She took him in and hasn't looked back.

    'He's a puppy to me,' said Carli, 'I've only had him for a few months.'

    However, the photographer had to practice incredible will-power to stop herself from adopting all the puppies at the shelter. 

    'I had to resist becoming a puppy hoarder myself, and it was difficult to watch owners struggle with their new puppies behaviors. Watching two species struggle to communicate with each other is hard, and when one of them is a baby it is even harder,' she added.

    You can buy 'Shake Puppies' here.


    It's nearly Christmas and it's this time of year that shelters become overwhelmed with unwanted litters of puppies. If are thinking about getting a puppy, please check out our shelter directory for rescues near you and save a life!





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