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    Stray dogs in Moscow using the subway to travel into the city centre for food

    NewsWorld Dog NewsWednesday 17 July 2013
    A fantastic and touching tale of animal ingenuity has come out of Russia, as it seems that the stray dogs of Moscow have been commuting using public transport. 
    The dogs have discovered that the best way to find food, is to commute into the city using the subway system. 
    There are some truly fantastic pictures of these dogs here.
    The activity was mentioned on the, which states that the animals board the subway each morning, like clockwork, heading into the city. 
    These dogs live in the outskirts of Moscow and after a long day of scavenging for scraps, they then head back onto the subway and return to the outskirts of the city where they spend the night. 
    Experts have been studying these animals, who often choose the quietest carriages at the front and back ends of the train. It is also reported that they even work together, in order to make sure that they get off at the correct stop - after learning the length of time that they need to spend on the train. 
    Scientists are reported to believe that this cracking phenomenon began in the 1990s after the Soviet Union collapsed. After this collapse, Russia’s new capitalists then moved industrial complexes from the city centre to the suburban areas. 
    Dr Andrei Poiarkov, of the Moscow Ecology and Evolution Institute, was quoted in the blog - - as saying: “These complexes were used by homeless dogs as shelters, so the dogs had to move together with their houses. Because the best scavenging for food is in the city centre, the dogs had to learn how to travel on the subway – to get to the center in the morning, then back home in the evening, just like people.”
    Dr Poiarkov told how the dogs like to play during their daily commute. He said: “They jump on the train seconds before the doors shut, risking their tails getting jammed. They do it for fun. And sometimes they fall asleep and get off at the wrong stop.”
    Reports have also suggested that these dogs have also managed to use the traffic lights to cross the road safely. And, they are even using some cunning tactics in order to get tasty food. 
    The dogs are “playing cute” with children, by putting their heads on the knees of youngsters and staring pleadingly into their eyes in order to win sympathy and food. 
    Dr Poiarkov added: “Dogs are surprisingly good psychologists.”

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