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    Sutton Lawn dog walkers to look after wildlife

    NewsUK Dog NewsMonday 19 September 2011

    Dog owners and anglers have been asked to look after the wildlife at Sutton Lawn after one of the well-known swans was attacked by a dog on 26th August. 

    The dog attack on a swan was the second time in a matter of months. The swan had to undergo treatment after the incident and is now being looked after the Cedar Wildlife Sanctuary in Kirkby. Cobby, the swan was reported in the beginning of August by a loose Staffordshire bull terrier, few days later had to have an emergency surgery in order to remove a fishing line, weight and hook blocking his throat. The swan could not eat or drink. In the end of the month, another dog, Rottweiler cross attacked the swan again. The same swan was also suffering from lead poisoning as a result of the fishing equipment he had swallowed few days later.

    Dog owners and anglers at Sutton Lawn are asked to take more responsibility for the welfare of animals and birds.

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    Text source: Chad UK;image source: flickr.ocm

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