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    Tendring council appeals for more dog foster carers

    NewsGeneral Dog NewsThursday 23 February 2012
    Foster carers for dogs are desperately needed to deal with a rise in abandoned pets, an Essex council has said.
    Tendring District Council said it was struggling to find homes for the unwanted dogs and has had to destroy 10 animals since October as a result.
    The local authority is asking for people to come forward to temporarily look after the animals to allow dog wardens extra time to find new homes.
    It said dumped male Staffordshire Bull Terriers were of particular concern.
    Dog warden Beverley Wallis said: "We have been very successful in being able to rehome more than 30 dogs over a five-month period.
    "However, the number of abandoned dogs is on the increase and we need to find a way of coping with this issue."

    Dumped by owners

    The council said it was aware of an increase in incidents of dogs being dumped around the district.
    Of the 36 dogs it had rounded up so far in 2012, 14 of them were known to be dumped by their owners.
    The authority said there had been recent examples of dogs being tied to lamposts or dumped over the sea wall at Clacton.
    Ms Wallis said: "Last week alone we collected five dogs - three of which had been dumped.
    "It seems mainly to be Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Rottweilers who are also the most difficult to find new homes for."
    Source: BBC News
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