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    The Top 10 Cutest Pomsky Puppies ever!

    NewsDog CuriositiesThursday 27 February 2014

    We all love pomsky puppies! They're cute, funny, run around all day and seem to never get tired. You can spot a Pomsky puppy from a mile off, it's just a big ball of fluff!

    What would you class as a cute Pomsky Puppy? Laying down in front of the camera with cute puppy eyes, or even laying down half asleep in your arms? Or how about a Pomsky puppy falling over as the person take the photo or just simply take a photo of a puppy looking directly down the lense..

    Here at Dogs and Puppies, believe it or not, we know a few things about dogs (and puppies for that matter).

    Here are a few things to take note to see if a photo will qualify as a ‘the cutest puppy photo…

    1.       Someone will make a high pitched noise to show their excitement about the photo

    2.       Someone start to make baby noises about how ‘cute’ the photo is

    3.       Someone will share this online for the entire world to see

    We have searched all over to find you the best….and we have to say, we found quite a few. We have whittled it down to our top 10.

    Here are some great Pomsky puppies photos we have found...

    We call this 'The Top 10 Cutest Pomsky Puppies'


     1. "You've just woken me up to take this photo!"


     2. "I'm going to pretend I'm asleep while you take this photo!"


     3. "I was playing with my toys and now you want me to stop!"


    4. "Hey another Pomsky to play with...."


     5. "I can see that treat you're dangling...."


     6. "I'm still going to pretend i'm sleeping...."


     7. "Me, I didnt break anything...I promise..."


    8. "Hey look...a treat....nobody move....."


    9. "I'm playing musical statues..leave me alone!"


    10. "Ok I'll pose just this once...."


    Fancy having your very own Pompky Puppy? Search here to find your perfect pup.



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