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    They tried to make me go to rehab ... I said, Wuff, wuff, wuff

    NewsDog CuriositiesThursday 29 March 2012
    Britain's Got Talent singing dog Buddy in therapy

    A singing dog that starred on Britain's Got Talent has had to go to rehab.

    Lhasa Apso puppy Buddy struggled to cope with fame following last year's series.
    He delighted viewers and judges as he howled his way through Pie Jesu with owner Pippa Langhorne — reaching the semi-finals.
    Buddy then continued his celebrity career off screen — visiting schools and events. But after initially enjoying the limelight all the attention became too much and he went into meltdown.
    Pippa, 21, of Worcester, said: "He just couldn't cope with living every day in the spotlight and being around children or other dogs.

    Buddy with owner Pippa Langhorne

    Act ... Pippa auditioning with dog Buddy on Britain's Got Talent
    "He became aggressive — not biting, but barking and snarling, and he stopped singing. People would come over and he'd hide."
    Worried Pippa cancelled all of Buddy's engagements and took him to dog behaviourist Lisa Jackson.
    Lisa established Buddy was suffering with stress and anxiety from feeling constantly under pressure to sing.
    Trained opera singer Pippa said: "Lisa said I had to take him out of any situation where he would feel like he needed to perform."
    Four months on from his breakdown, Buddy is regaining his confidence.
    Pippa said: "Now we do the occasional dog show and he enjoys himself."
    Lisa said Buddy became scared of people and turned aggressive to make them go away. She added: "He's an awful lot better but is still a work in progress."

    Source: The Sun

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