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    Things to Consider If you Are Thinking Of Owning a Malamute

    NewsMonday 29 September 2014

    Alaskan Malamutes, who are commonly confused with Siberian Huskies, have fallen into favour as pets thanks to their wolf-like appearance and the popularity of films and TV shows like Game of Thrones and Twilight. But this working breed can be a handful and many are now being handed into shelters by owners who didn't do their research.

    If you're considering making a Malamute part of your family, here's a few things to think about. Be sure to check out the Alaskan Malamute Club of the UK's website for more advice about the breed!



    Malamutes Are Always Super Happy to See You


    But These Gentle Giants are a Working Breed, and Have Certain Requirements


    They Need A Lot of Exercise...


    Seriously A LOT - Which Means Your Weekly Trip To The Shops Could Start Look A Bit Different...


    Mals are a Very Intelligent Breed and Require Mental Stimulation to Ensure They Don't Become Bored and Destructive


    Then There's The Fur...


    Malamutes are a Pack Animal, and Need a Strong, Dominent Leader


    And Your Neighbours Might Not Be Your Biggest Fans For a While...


    Did We Mention The Fur?!?


    And they LOVE Food - Particuarly When It Doesn't Belong To Them


    Also...THE FUR!


    That's a lot of fur! If you still think owning a Malamute is for you, consider adopting an older dog from your local shelter. Very often older rescue dogs will be more placid and easier to handle than their younger counterparts (although you must always ask the shelter about the dog's personality!), making them better for first time Malamute owners. 




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