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    This Dog Had Both Front Paws Amputated - You Won’t Believe How She Gets Around Now!

    NewsTuesday 21 October 2014


    A Beagle cross who was rescued from death in Romania is able to go on walks again after being fitted with two prosthetic limbs.



    Things weren’t looking good for Tara just one year ago. She was living among other stray dogs in the grounds of a hospital in Romania. The staff there did their best to care for the dogs - providing them with enough food and water to get by - but one night all the dogs were callously poisoned. They were all believed to have died.


    That is until nearly a week later - when Tara was found barely alive by a surgeon at the hospital. She was in a sorry state - with gangrene in all four legs - and the kind surgeon rushed her to the local vet. In order to save her life, Tara’s two front paws had to be amputated, meaning she was unable to walk. Despite making a good recovery, the vets were not sure what to do with her next - as returning her to the streets would certainly have been a death sentence for the pooch. That's when animal loving Kelly Hare, who runs Safe Rescue for Dogs, stepped in.

    ‘She’s really suffered. She must have been in agony when she was found so much so that it may have been kinder to put her to sleep,’ said Miss Hare, 38, ‘When I saw pictures of her I knew I had to help.’


    Miss Hare, who had previously worked for the RSPCA amongst other charities, liaisoned with a volunteer, who drove Tara to the UK, whilst Miss Hare arranged a passport for the pooch. Her charity then contacted a prosthetic limbs company in the US who said they could make Tara some new front paws, but that it would cost £3000. Miss Hare and her family then set about raising the funds, with her sister - Zoe Hare - doing a sponsored skydive. eventually they met their £3000 target thanks to kind hearted supporters pledging money. During this time Miss Hare took Tara for walks in her children’s old pushchair.

    Tara’s limbs were finally fitted in early September and the following morning she took her first steps. 

    Miss Hare said, ‘It was like watching Bambi take her first steps. After a few falls to get the hang of it and was off, the next day she ran for the first time. She’s such a little diva.’


    Miss Hare had become so attached to the cheeky little Beagle cross during her rehabilitation that she decided to adopt Tara herself and give her a loving forever home.


    ‘You can see how happy she is to be walking again,’ she added, ‘She looks so proud to be back on four legs and I’m very proud too. She’s been through so much but she has the most wonderful nature.’

    If you would like to offer a forever home to one of the 500 dogs Safe Rescue for Dogs helps every year, visit their website. You can also foster for them - which can be a great opportunity to see how a dog would fit into your life before committing to adopting a pooch.



    If you want to adopt a rescue dog like Tara, please check out our shelter directory for rescues near you!



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