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    This X-ray shows what happens when a greedy dog wolfs down three rubber balls, two tennis balls and a toy slipper

    NewsDog CuriositiesMonday 07 May 2012
    Dogs and Puppies

    Anthony, who has had Zeus since he was six weeks old, said: 'The vets originally thought it was cancer because they could feel these hard lumps.

    'We were pretty shocked when we found out what it was, but relieved it wasn’t anything more serious.'

    An X-Ray revealed the eight-year-old dog had several unidentified items in his stomach, which the vet suspected to be swallowed objects, or ‘foreign bodies’, which is common for dogs.

    'Zeus was rushed into surgery to remove them, with vets discovering the foreign bodies were three bouncy balls and two tennis balls.

    Anthony, who did not wish to give his surname, said: 'We were pretty shocked when we found out what it was, but relieved it wasn’t anything more serious.
    'The vet just sort of turned to me and said. "do you recognise these?" and showed me the balls. I did wonder where they had got to but he has so many toys it’s hard to miss things like that.'

    Veterinary Surgeon Duncan Senior said: 'We were concerned that Zeus could be seriously ill, so we arranged for a series of tests to try and determine the cause of his symptoms.

    'It turned out to be bouncy balls, and they just kept coming! He was actually in a very serious condition. If the balls had been left in there much longer, they could have blocked his stomach, which can be fatal.'

    After his operation, Zeus spent a day recovering at PDSA before he was allowed home with medicine.
    Despite his ordeal, Zeus returned to his old ways just months later and chomped his way through a chew toy shaped like a slipper.

    Anthony said: 'Some time later we were sitting in the lounge playing with his toys. I turned round for a second and the next thing I know he’s licking his lips - he’d swallowed his slipper chew toy.

    'He just sat there and seemed quite relaxed but I phoned the vets and they told me to bring him in straight away.'
    Anthony rushed him back to Stoke PDSA, where staff were completely gobsmacked to learn he was back to his old tricks.
    Thankfully, Anthony’s quick reaction meant Zeus did not have to undergo more surgery and vets were able to remove the chew toy using forceps.

    Mr Senior said: 'Because his owners brought him straight into the hospital he didn’t suffer any real symptoms.
    'It was very strange - he was quite happy and content, you wouldn’t think he had a toy lodged inside him.

    'This time round we managed to remove the toy through his throat using very long forceps, avoiding major stomach surgery for a second time.'

    Miraculously, Zeus was fine and was allowed home the same day, only having to return to the hospital again to have a check up.

    Naughty Zeus is no longer allowed any more toys, for his own safety. Anthony said: 'He hasn’t got any more toys because the vets wouldn’t be able to do the surgery again - it can only be done once.'

    He added: 'We’re so grateful for everything PDSA have done for us. We’re keeping a very close eye on Zeus now to make sure he doesn’t do his again.'

    The compulsion to swallow unusual items is called pica, which is present in humans who like eating tar, sponges and even coal.

    Dogs often use their mouths to explore objects as well as to eat, but sometimes they get these functions confused and can swallow an object by mistake.

    Source: Daily Mail

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