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    Thug smiling as he beats a puppy with a stick

    NewsAnimal CrueltyMonday 23 September 2013
    A thug has managed to escape jail after having been caught on camera brutally beating his own 3 year old dog 27 times with a hose from a vacuum cleaner as it cowered in the corner.
    Richard Stewart who is 36 and works for the local council stood over his three year old American Bulldog named Peggy and hit her at least 27 times with a piece of his vacuum cleaner after it accidently soiled on his carpet.
    A friend managed to capture the incident on their mobile phone and caught everything as he hit her and the dog yelped in pain. The footage was passed over to the RSPCA and later on Stewart was lated traced and confronted with the evidence.
    When the RSCPA went to rescue Peggy from her home, she was cowering on the floor and was very submissive and afraid of people. She is now in the care of RSPCA kennels.
    Stewart was summened to Bury Magistrates Court and he admitted causing unnecessary suffering by inflicting multiple blunt force trauma. He was sentenced to eight weeks in jail however this was suspended after a Judge said that Stewart was not habitually cruel.
    Anna McDonald who was prosecuting against Stewart said that ‘There were no injuries to the dog but the vet said having watched the DVD the attack did cause the dog to suffer unnecessarily and cause physical harm.
    ‘There were strikes across the head and when the vet viewed it, said there were 27 strikes to the dog. What the vet does say is after the fifth blow the dog could be heard yelping and also after the 13th blow.’

    The Judge said that ‘You have pleaded guilty to the most horrible attack. This isn't just one blow - it is a repeated attack on the animal 27 times.
    ‘It is brutal and it is of great irony the dog was said to be a great friend to you. It is significant that when she was seen by the vet she was in good health and was well looked after.

    ‘You are a young man and hard-working - that is to your credit, many in this court are not. This dog was a pet of yours.
     ‘It was quite apparent when examined by the veterinary surgeon two days later, she was in good health and had a microchip. She was not undernourished and was well looked after.
    ‘On this day you obviously had too much to drink and you were showing off. You behaved in a brutal fashion, it is impossible not to view this without a sense of revulsion and feeling sickened.
    ‘It was plainly in distress and crying, it was certainly whimpering and seeing the DVD leaves anyone who has seen it with a sense of revulsion.
    ‘I have no doubt that repeated assaults like this with the use of a weapon-here 27 times and the brutality and force used does justify a prison sentence. But because of reasons indicated I'm prepared to suspend it.

    An RSPCA spokesperson said that ‘It was a vicious, unnecessary and unprovoked attack on a very sweet natured dog.
    ‘Richard Stewart showed remorse for his actions and was sickened by his own actions and the court have dealt with it in an appropriate way and sent out a message that this will not be tolerated. Peggy is now looking for a new home.’

    Stewart was banned from owning, keeping or dealing with animals for 5 years but this may be lifted after a year. He was also ordered to pay £200 costs and an £80 victim surcharge. Users on the social media networks reacted angrily that this was not enough and that the ban should be for life.
    Warning – the video below shows scenes of a disturbing nature.
    Source: Daily Mail
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