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    UK Petition to ban puppy farming

    NewsFriday 10 May 2013
    Animal charities and welfare campaigners have launched an online petition calling for the government to pan puppy and kitten farming in the UK.
    Puppy farming is the breeding of dogs for the sole purpose of commercial value. Because of this many costs are cut in order to gain maximum revenues and profits. These are usually taken against the welfare of the dogs.
    Local charity Pup Aid said that thousands of puppies were being bred in horrific conditions and had lots of disease. New puppies that were bought would even end up dying within a few days of being bought by their new owners.
    Puppies and kittens are often separated from their mothers are a far too early stage and they are transported across the country in poor conditions over long distances. In other cases puppies develop damaging social skills in their first few weeks at a puppy farm that can make them scared for life of humans and out of control.
    In a recent Dogs Trust Study, it was said that 900,000 people in the UK have bought puppies from a puppy farm even though when asked they said they would not do so. Many are completely unaware their puppies have come from such places due to middlemen being in place to hide the involvement.
    Marc Abraham, a celebrity vet, who is helping lead the cause, said that the Government need to "end this needless and preventable suffering for good".
    "The Government must ban the sale of young puppies and kittens unless their mothers are present; as an absent mother is a clear compromise of both health and welfare for these animals and often a big clue indicating puppy farming."
    The petition is looking for over 100,000 signatures. This is when it can be considered for a debate in the House of Commons. Already some famous celebrities have got behind the action including Ricky Gervais, Liam Gallagher and Joanna Page.
    Currently in Britain under the Breeding and Sale of Dogs Act, puppy farms are illegal as long as they have a license by the Government. The conditions should be checked annually by a vet and females are only allowed to have one letter per year or four per lifetime.
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