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    Vending machine for dogs launched in UK

    NewsUK Dog NewsWednesday 24 April 2013
    Well here is a first, vending machines are now being made for dogs. Dog walkers in Clapham Common were surprised when they noticed a large blue vending machine in the middle of the park. It was only when they got closer did they realise that this made for dogs who can retrieve treats from it.
    Instead of the usual concept of inserting money to get a chocolate bar or packet of crips, the dogs are made to work for their treats. There is a toy bone attached to the device and dogs have to pull this. Once they do, a plastic toy ball shoots from the machine and they must run to get it. The moment they deposit it back into the machine a treat magically comes out. Dogs love exercise and treats so it is a unique idea.
    The device is being made by Bakers and Peter Neville, an animal expert working with the company said that ‘trips to the park may never be the same again’.
    ‘Imagine stumbling across a doggy vending machine that adds challenge and excitement to your run in the park,’ he said.
    ‘All it takes is a little focus, and dogs can earn a tasty Bakers Complete reward simply by engaging in a stimulating mix of mind and body.’
    Hannah Dixon from Bakers Complete said: "Bakers Complete have been delighting dogs for over 20 years with mouthwatering food, and designed the Doggy Vending Machine with dogs' needs in mind, rewarding each dog that successfully interacts with the machine with a delectable sample.

    "While some people said we were barking mad, dogs and their owners really enjoyed it!"
    Already the vending machine has proved a huge success with many dogs genuinely curious about it. 
    Whether or not we can expect to see vending machines for dogs rolled out across the country is debateable. Some see this as a publicity stunt by the makers Bakers. Eitherway, the dogs in Clapham Common aren't complaining.


    Source: Metro

    Photo: dvanzuijlekom

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