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    Warning for dog owners

    NewsUK Dog NewsThursday 26 May 2011

    The dog owners in the North Cotswolds who have had their pooches gone missing under suspicious circumstances are warning now others to take an eye on their pets.

    In the beginning of May, the owner of Rosie, a Jack Russell, left her dogs in the front yard only for a moment and when she came back her other two dogs were barking and making a fuss but there was no Jack Russell with them. On 19th May another dog of this breed went missing from Todenham.

    Rosie is very small with a ginger head, and has a docked tail with a tan-coloured spot around the base. Sally is a tan and white Jack Russell bitch, has only seven teats instead of eight and has three small brown dots in the shape of a triangle on her left-hand side hip.

    It is good to remind everyone to remember to microchip your pets. In June there will be free microchipping events organized by charities.

    More news about the upcoming events here.

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