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    What Would You Do if Your Neighbor Sold Your Dog?!

    NewsWorld Dog NewsFriday 21 September 2012

    After 2 dogs, a rottweiler puppy and a cross golden retriever, wandered from thier home into their neighbors back garden, one of them never returned. 

    The Pittsburghs couple found the 2 dogs in their garden and contacted the police, who adviced them to 'contact a local animal shelter'. They later spoke to the police telling them that both of the dogs had left their garden. Later the owner of the 2 dogs returned and found only their golden retriever so asked the police to search the area for their little puppy, Bailey.

    The police had suspisions that the couple, the Duff's, still had the dog so went round for questioning. Once questioned the children at the residence let it slip that they had "given the dog to a women from the internet". The couple had posted an advert on Craigslist and sold the puppy.

    Bailey has now been returned to his owner. 


    What do you think of this shocking story?



    Photo by: Mike Hayes

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