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    Where in the UK is the dog theft risk higher?

    NewsUK Dog NewsFriday 06 June 2014

    Would you like to know where in the UK is the risk of getting your dog stolen higher?

    Devon and Cornwall are among the least likely places for dogs to be stolen, according to an investigation carried out by the ShootingUK website based on figures extracted from police forces across England and Wales.

    On the contrary, dogs in London, Kent and West Yorkshire are most prone to being stolen, with 165, 128 and 123 thefts last year, respectively. 

    In total, 1,468 dogs were reported missing in 2013, according to the 23 forces who replied to a Freedom of Information Act request.

    The figures also revealed that Staffordshire bull terriers are more likely to be stolen than any other breed, while border collies and cocker spaniels are also popular with thieves.

    Other popular breeds include Jack Russells (46 thefts last year), Chihuahuas (43) and lurchers (32).

    The top ten most desirable breeds for thieves is completed by Labradors (30 thefts), British bulldogs (26), and Japanese Akitas and Yorkshire terriers (both 23).

    The data can be split in:

    London Metropolitan area: 165

    Kent: 128

    West Yorkshire: 123

    Lancashire: 77

    Thames Valley: 64

    Hampshire: 55

    Staffordshire: 51

    South Yorkshire: 50

    Durham: 49, same as Devon and Cornwall.

    The website also informed about the fact that most dogs are stolen from gardens. And just 5% of reported thefts led to prosecutions last year.

    Breeders say there has been a sudden rise in demand for black cocker spaniels since Prince William and Kate Middleton got their pet Lupo in 2012, with a similar surge in incidents of the breed being stolen.







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