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    Woman rescued from dog-poo-bin by firefighters

    NewsUK Dog NewsWednesday 24 July 2013
    Firefighters were called and had to rescue a woman after she got her arm trapped inside a dog-waste-bin.
    The woman, 39, spent nearly half an hour with her arm stuck in the box at a play park in Perth’s Letham area in Scotland. 
    She had put her arm in the dog-poo-bin in order to retrieve a baseball cap.
    However, she ended up trapping her arm and the fire brigade had to be called. 
    When it became clear what was happening a crowd eagerly gathered to watch in anticipation as the woman was freed from her messy nightmare. 
    Speaking to the BBC, one local resident who was at the scene of the ‘arm-in-dog-bin incident’ said: "She must have got her arm stuck properly because it had gone blue by the time the ambulance arrived - she must have cut the circulation off."
    Another Perth local, John Smart, added: "Those bins are designed in such a way that you can't get stuff back out - it's meant to keep the smell in.
    Mr Smart said that while her arm looked “really sore”, the incident was “absolutely disgusting”.
    One other local, whose home overlooks the park and the dog-mess-bin in question, said that the woman looked like she was in severe pain. 
    She told the BBC: "You are just not meant to get stuff out of those bins. No-one could believe it.
    "The girl looked like she was in pain because her whole arm was stuck inside and she was taken away in an ambulance."
    A spokeswoman for the Scottish Fire Service said "We got a call and arrived at the scene at 6.45pm on Monday night in Letham play park.
    "Detergent was used to free the woman's hand and we provided first aid assistance until the ambulance arrived."
    So remember guys, don’t go putting your hand in a dog bin. No matter how nice a hat you have lost. 
    *Dog bin pictured is not the dog bin in question.

    Picture: Elliott Brown
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