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    Worth Dyeing For? “Pet Styling” Salon in Russia Offers Extreme Makeovers for Cats and Dogs

    NewsMonday 22 September 2014

    A salon in Yekaterinburg, Russia is offering to cut and dye pets to look like other animals, which is said to be the latest trend for animals in the country. But the RSPCA claim the treatments can be fatal. 


    A fair few pet owners will admit to dressing up their pooch or cat, with disguising them as another animal being a popular choice. But a salon in Russia is allowing people to go a step further, cutting and dyeing the animals to look like dragons, bumblebees and more. 

    Ekaterina Aidimirova, the owner of the bumble-pooch above said she was bored of how her dog looked: ‘We decided to make our dog bright, summery, adorable, and dyed her hair like a bee - a colourful look.' 

    Salon owner Daria Gotz claims the dyes are harmless to the animals, stating: 'Those dyes which we use are absolutely pet-friendly and producers claim that they have a healthful effect on the animals' coat. The dyes are made from natural botanical extracts, they are Korean.'

    Much like when a human dyes their hair, the  colour remains of the animals’ coat for a few months and then grows out.

    The shocking footage below also shows a cat who has had it’s fur trimmed and dyed a luminous green to look like a dragon.

    No evidence exists to suggest the procedure is pet friendly apart from the testimony of Ms Gotz. However, some existing reports suggest there are many health risks to pets who have been styled in this way.


    The RSPCA vehemently object to the treatment, claiming that animals should never be dyed for cosmetic reasons. A spokesperson said that being held and restrained during the dyeing process can be highly stressful for any animal. 

    The charity also voiced concern regarding the dangers of dyes to the animals’ health:

    'Cats are highly fastidious creatures and will groom any substance from their coats to keep themselves clean. Having an unwanted substance in their coat could lead them to ingest the dye. Our pets are living creatures and dyeing them in this way sends out an extremely worrying message that they could be viewed as novelty accessories rather than as intelligent, sentient animals.’



    We couldn’t agree more with the RSPCA on this one!

    If you want to treat your pooch to more pleasant and far, far less extreme bit of TLC head over to our business directory to find a dog groomer near you!




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