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    Stop the Suffering, Stop Puppy Farming

    VideoTuesday 17 July 2012
    Kennel Club research has revealed that as many as one in three people may have unknowingly bought their puppy from a rogue breeder, as they hide behind the anonymity of the internet or sell their puppies through pet shops. These breeders, or puppy farmers, are in the trade purely for the money and keep their puppies and breeding bitches in awful conditions, not caring for their health of welfare. The research has also shown that more than half of puppy buyers do not know what assurances and paperwork they are entitled to when they buy a puppy. The Kennel Club's Stop the Suffering, Stop Puppy Farming film looks at the perils of the puppy farming trade and tells puppy buyers how to avoid falling into the hands of one of these rogue traders. The Kennel Club gives advice about how to find a Kennel Club Assured Breeder, who agrees to care for their dogs' health and welfare and how we can all work together to stop the cruel puppy farming trade.
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