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Shelter Dog Sunday - Tia
Shelter Dog Sunday - Tia
Every Sunday we run a special feature on a rescue dog looking for a loving home. This week, the spotlight is on Tia, a gentle giant who loves life. Battersea and Cats Home is the well-known backdrop of ITV's Paul O'Grady - For The Love Of  but what you see on the show is only a fraction of the work that the shelter do. Battersea takes on over 9000 cats and a year, including including tia, a gentle giant who came to Battersea due to a relationship breakdown and deserves a forever loving home.   Name: Tia Breed: Dogue de Bordeaux Sex: Female Age: 5 Years 2
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Tess Daly tells of the devastation of losing her precious dog Sam
Tess Daly tells of the devastation of losing her precious dog Sam
Watch our video where the TV presenter talks about the helplessness of seeing her much loved golden retriever succumb to suspected lungworm and gives advice to other dog owners on the infection’s warning signs Lungworm, the ‘hidden killer’ parasite found in slugs and snails which can cause serious health problems in dogs and be fatal if not diagnosed and treated, could be an even greater threat this summer after another wet start to the season. Evidence from the Royal Veterinary College also confirms the lungworm parasite has spread across the UK, from its traditional habitat in the south of England and Wales,
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Christy loves her swimming pool

This adorable West Highland Terrier is an excellent swimmer and could perfectly fit in the Olympic Team. Watche her stylish movements. She was born to

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